Outdoor Canopy Tour was awesome!

We showed up without reservations on a Sunday morning in late October and Chris and Brian went out of their way to accommodate us. They called in another guide, Matt, who came in especially for us. My wife and I were on the only ones on the tour, except for Brian and Matt, our wonderful guides. These guys had great personalities and were quite enjoyable to be around! The tour was awesome. There were still some foliage on the trees, but enough leaves had fallen to allow great views down into the valley. I would definitely recommend this activity if you are in the area! Maybe next time we will get our nerve up for the Via Ferrata.

Parsons, West Virginia.

Fantastic , tiring, unforgettable.

My wife and I are spending time in the Shenandoah area. I saw the via feratta, and though not great with heights, knew I wanted to do it. I booked it. On our arrival, there was no other ” climbers”. Our guide was Shelby, and she could not have been more open, helpful, encouraging, light hearted and competent. We were encouraged, instructed and helped at every stage, getting to the top of the main face. I would recommend anyone to try this form of “climbing”. Again thank you Shelby.

Colne, United Kingdom

Great Place Even for the Non-Adventurous

My visit to Nelson Rocks was a result of a wedding in the area. I needed a room close to the event. There are 8 rooms available. All are on the second floor with a spacious porch area with rockers and other chairs. It was great to sit on the porch and enjoy the great views and wonderful breeze.

The room was spotless. There was a queen bed as well as a set of bunk beds. There was a modern bath with all the needed supplies. Be aware that there is no TV or phone. There is however free wi-fi.

I talked with some other guests who were there for the climbing and zip line experience. They said they had a great time. There are also hiking trails on site.

Snacks are available in the lobby.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to get away from it all or a place to have a bit of an adventure, Nelson Rocks is for you. If you are looking to be in the lap of luxury surrounded by technology, go somewhere else.

Wanda M

West Virginia’s Eiger Mountain – well, almost

They say that Via Ferrata is Italian for “Iron Road” – Nelson Rocks’ Via Ferrata means AWESOME in every language! My daughter and I spent about 4 hours clipping and climbing this weekend and had a BLAST. We’ve never done any climbing beyond trying to scale the climbing wall once or twice at vacation resorts but one of the beauties of the Via Ferrata is that no experience is necessary. They fit you up with all the gear you need and teach you how to use it in about 10 minutes. Moderately uncomfortable at heights – aren’t we all? My palms sweat just looking at the pictures that we took! At times my legs were shaking but I wasn’t sure whether it was from fatigue or fear (or both)! Check out the pictures on the website and TRUST ME, those are the real deal – no camera angles used to make it look scary. The views from the tops of the fin are amazing – the fall colors were in full bloom this past weekend! This is a GREAT activity to do as a family, with some friends, or as an office team building event. Make sure you have a little backpack with some water in it and whatever you do don’t leave your camera behind! Josh and Tony served as our small group’s guides and did an amazing job at keeping us safe, making it fun, and ensuring that we all got through it. The only down side to Nelson Rocks is that there really is nothing nearby – restaurants, stores, hotels, etc. On second thought, though, that’s also one of the things that makes it so great. We drove 3 hours to get there, spent 4+ hours climbing, then went to Canaan Valley resort to spend the night. This is not something you do when you’re “in the area” … make a plan and do it – you won’t be sorry! Oh, who can do it? Anyone who puts their mind to it – I’m nearly 60 and spend 12 hours a day sitting behind a desk.

Washington DC Metro Area

Excellent Canopy Tour and Via Ferrata

I did both the Canopy Tour and Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks on back to back days. Staff/Guides were outstanding, very safety conscious and had a great sense of humor. Canopy tour is a series of about a dozen zip lines which was a blast. The via ferrata is one of only a handful in the US and well worth driving a few hours to try. If you enjoy rock climbing, you will love it. Views are spectacular and the course is well laid out. You have to be in reasonably good physical activity since it is continuous climbing and motion and not afraid of heights since you will be a few hundred feet above the tree line. I have done 2 other via ferratas in Canada and consider this the best of the 3. An awesome adventure you will never forget.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Canopy Tour – Great Fun!

12 zip lines and 3 sky bridges…totally fun. Guides were humorous, helpful and encouraging while keeping safety in the forefront. Well worth the trip!

Glen Allen, Virginia

Comment Cards

“The awesome scenery, awesome tour guide, and an awesome hike made for a perfect day spent outside”
– Sophie

“We had a blast. I felt completely safe. Equipment was top notch… Guides were awesome!”
– Tracy

“Majestic” – Drew Cantis

“Super fun! Felt super safe with Garrett, he was very patient. This place is awesome!!!”
– annonymous

“We loved this experience, it’s one of the best outdoor adventures we’ve ever had.”
-Jenny Brandt

“Had a blast – Loved it”
– Dawn and Ed Blackman

“Great! Second time out and it was better than the first”
– Ryan Navgle

“It beats white water rafting by a land slide”
– Phillip Warren

“Loved it! Will do it many times more!”
– Aziz M

“Great, we loved it”
– Steve

“Extremely fun. Lots of awesome views and photo ops”
– Conell

“Absolutely wonderful! Informative guides made my fears disappear. I felt thrilled and safe”
– Cory Jubas

“Awesome!!! Safe – So much fun – Definitely coming back!”
– Maureen Woods

“It was even more fun/scary than I anticipated. Shelby was great!”
– Kevin Odell

“Awesome! Great Guides, amazing trip!”
– Patricia Fuentes-Simmie

“I could not recommend this highly enough! Always fun, never gets old and pushes you outside your comfort zone! “This aint no walk in the woods!” was the quote I used to try and prepare my brother for the climb.”
– Ed Vass

“I am SO GLAD I decided to try this. Im not a big daredevil, but the Via Ferrata makes it easy to feel like a mountain climber. The euphoric feeling once you complete the journey is incredible.”
– David Kurtzt