Here at NROCKS we believe that the more people you bring to the great outdoors, the merrier it is! This is why we specialize in groups of all shapes and sizes. We can fit the needs of all sorts of groups including scout troops, church groups, educational groups, and family groups. What are you waiting for? Call our Group Specialist at (540) 437-9901 so that you can come on out, and enjoy the fun!

Group FAQ’s

What does NROCKS consider a group?

At NROCKS we consider all scout, church and camp organizations groups. They are eligible for our 20% group discount as long as 10 people participate in an activity. We also consider a group to be any 10 (or more) individuals that come to NROCKS together, participate in the same activity, and pay with a single payer! That means that the total bill has to be paid for with 1 transaction. These “groups of individuals” are eligible for our 15% “single payer group discount.”

*Group discounts are not applicable on Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Organizational groups have to pay a $300 deposit in order to make a reservation. The final balance is due no later than 2 weeks prior to a trip date. This deposit is refundable up until 2 weeks prior to a trip date, at which point groups are eligible for a raincheck, but are not eligible for refunds.

I’m thinking about coming with 10 of my best friends. Do I count as a group?

It depends. If you and your 10 buds are all paying NROCKS separately for your trip, then no, you are not considered a group by NROCKS. If one person plans on paying the total NROCKS bill though, you would be considered a group.

What if my best friends and I decide to split the bill “behind the scenes”, and have one person pay NROCKS?

If you decide to split the bill behind the scenes, we’ll still consider you a group.

Why does being considered a group matter?

Groups are eligible for certain discounts that we can’t offer participants that are paying individually. Also, groups have a different cancellation policy.

What is the group cancellation policy?

Groups that receive a group discount are required to cancel at least 2 weeks prior to a reservation to receive a full refund. Groups that cancel between 2 weeks of a reservation and the day of a reservation are eligible for a raincheck. Group cancellations (and modifications) made the day of a reservation are not eligible for a raincheck or refund. This is true for church, scout and other organizational groups, and also true for groups that qualify for our “single payer group discount.” The cancellation policy is different for groups because it requires a lot of planning and staffing to prepare for a group.

How can I be certain if I am considered a group and receive a group discount?

Call one of our highly trained reservation specialists at (540) 437-9901 and they’ll be able to answer all your questions about our group policy!


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