The Via Ferrata at NROCKS is a one of a kind adventure experience, offering a mile of fixed-anchor, professionally-guided rock climbing. During this 3.5-5 hour climb you’ll gain 1085 feet in elevation, cross a suspension bridge that is 150 feet high and 200 feet long, and reach exposed heights of 280 feet. All you need for this day on the rocks is some physical ability, an appreciation of the outdoors, and of course a desire to have a great day outside! The double-fin rocks provide the unique combination of physical challenge and overwhelming beauty! Attracting thousands of people annually from the east coast and beyond since the early 2000’s, the Via Ferrata is open year-round, weather permitting.

woman ascending cliff

Italian for ‘by way of iron’, the Via Ferrata is a permanently installed system of steel rungs and cables that allows you to climb up and over two towering rock fins. Not for the faint of heart, but well worth the effort. Participants MUST be 13 or older and weigh between 88 and 265 pounds.

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Details & Safety

Initially designed and built to transport troops in Italy during World War 1, Via Ferratas have now become a recreational activity for outdoor enthusiasts. Beginners and experienced enthusiasts enjoy the Via Ferrata at NROCKS. You’ll gear up, and get taught how to use the 2 carabiner lanyard which allows climbers to be clipped into the safety cable at all times. Then off you go, the higher you climb, the better the views! Make sure to bring a camera and a friend to record this awesome outdoor adventure!

The Via Ferrata Safety System
The Via Ferrata Safety System: Double Carabiner Lanyard System Attached to the belay cable.
Via Ferrata rung and cable system.
Via Ferrata rung and cable system.
A climber working their way up the Via Ferrata rungs while safely clipped in
A climber working their way up the Via Ferrata rungs while safely clipped in

Full Moon Tours

A night out like no other! Sign up to climb the Via Ferrata on the night of the full moon, April – October. MUST have prior experience on the Via Ferrata at NROC & must be 13 years old or older.

Ascending the Via Ferrata by the light of the moon.
Ascending the Via Ferrata by the light of the moon.

2023 Full Moon Tour Dates

Tours offered day before, of, and after the Full Moon

  • Jan 6 – Wolf Moon
  • Feb 5 – Snow Moon
  • Mar 7 – Worm Moon
  • Apr 6 – Pink Moon
  • May 5 – Flower Moon
  • Jun 3 – Strawberry Moon
  • Jul 3 – Buck Moon
  • Aug 1 – Sturgeon Moon
  • Aug 30 – Blue Moon
  • Sep 29 – Harvest Moon
  • Oct 28 – Hunter’s Moon


How does it work?

Climbers each receive safety briefing, instruction, and equipment fitting on the ground before ascending the rock. Once on the rock, climbers must ensure their own safety by keeping their equipment properly connected to the fixed-anchor systems at all times. Our Via Ferrata tethers allow for at least one connection at all times. Climbers are connected to steel cables while using the steel rungs and/or rock face to traverse, ascend, or descend the route.

Are reservations required for the Via Ferrata?

While reservations are not required for the Via Ferrata, they are highly recommended. The staff at NROCKS tries their very best to accommodate “walk ins”, but are sometimes unable to do so. Make a reservation today to guarantee a spot on one of our tours!

Do I need a guide?

Yes. All participants on the Via Ferrata are required to be guided by an NROCKS approved guide.

Who can do it?

Almost anyone! Via Ferrata climbers must be at least 13 years of age and must be in good physical condition with the ability to handle the physical challenges of climbing while maintaining tether connections, etc.

How high do we actually go?

All Via Ferrata climbers will experience heights of approximately 200 feet! The most adventurous climbers can take the extra challenge of completing the Head Wall, an additional 100 feet of vertical climbing.

How long does it take?

The average Via Ferrata trip times range from 3.5 hours to 5 hours, depending on the size and speed of the group.

How safe is the Via Ferrata?

While our safety record speaks for itself, the Via Ferrata is only as safe as the climbers on the route. If climbers follow the instructions of the guides and are attentive to their own responsibilities within the group, most risks can be effectively managed. That said, the Via Ferrata takes place in a wilderness setting which means there are elements of safety that are out of our control: wild animals, sudden changes in weather, or other acts of nature. We utilize the best equipment in the industry, hire well-qualified guides who then receive high-level training, and we regularly review our procedures to ensure that we are providing the safest experience possible.

How should I dress, and what should I bring on the Via?

You should dress for movement and according to the weather. The temperature tends to be about 10°F cooler in the mountains, and may be even cooler due to wind. You may wear shorts if conditions allow. You should wear close-toed shoes that you can move easily in (hiking boots, running shoes, etc.). Please do not wear sandals of any kind or crocs. Some people like to wear gloves when climbing (fingerless are preferred). For colder weather, we suggest a jacket, a hat to wear under your helmet, and full-fingered gloves.

What should I bring

We suggest that you bring a small daypack with you on the Via Ferrata – everyone will need their hands free to climb. We recommend the following items:

  • Water (at least 2 quarts)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Personal medications (if they will be needed on the trip)
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Extra clothing (light rain jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve t-shirt, etc.).
  • A snack or lunch to eat throughout the day.

Can I bring my own gear / Can I get a discount for bringing my own gear?

You can bring a GoPro or camera and we can provide a helmet with a GoPro mount on it. Unfortunately we cannot allow you to use your own helmet or harness. We appreciate and understand the desire and preference of using your own gear if you have it, but in order to comply with our insurance policy, we require everyone who comes to experience the Via Ferrata at NROCKS to use the gear that is supplied by staff.

Can I get off the Via once I’ve started the climb?

Yes. There are two escape points on the Via Ferrata, should you decide you don’t want to continue.

I’m scared of heights, should I climb the Via Ferrata?

If you have a general, healthy fear of heights you should be okay. If you are intensely scared of heights, this might not be the best activity for you.

“Real” climbers don’t climb the Via, do they?

Many experienced rock climbers have enjoyed climbing the Via Ferrata. It is a nice change of pace that gives climbers a chance to leave their rope and rack in the car and climb nonstop for a couple of hours without stopping to belay. It is also a great workout and a spectacular way for climbers to introduce non-climbing friends to the vertical world.

Policies & Specs

Climb Duration
3.5 – 5 hours depending on group size and ability.
Difficulty Level
It‘s difficult to compare the Via Ferrata experience to anything else. It can be very demanding or not so demanding depending on one’s level of fitness. It can also be emotionally taxing depending on one’s level of comfort with heights. It is not recommended for those who are trying to overcome an intense fear of heights.

Please take a minute to explore our photos to get a better idea of what the climb entails.

What to Wear
Dress in layers so you can make adjustments as you warm up and cool down. In general wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict your movement. Short shorts are not recommended and many climbers prefer to wear pants or capris to keep their knees covered.
Sturdy athletic shoes or lightweight hiking shoes/boots. No sandals (including Chacos or Tevas), or FiveFingers shoes.
Bring with You
Waivers, small daypack, 2-quarts of water, trail snacks, sunscreen, camera/GoPro (optional, must be secured), rain gear (if necessary), fingerless bicycle style gloves (recommended).
Minimum Age
13. No exceptions.
Weight Requirement
You must weigh between 88 and 265 pounds
Group Size
Typical group size is between 1 and 14 climbers. If your group size is larger than 14, please call (540) 437-9901 to make a reservation
Late Policy
If you are late and miss the orientation, there will be no refunds or transfers, and we cannot guarantee availability of a later tour.

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time.


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Via Ferrata Climb

Must be 13 years of age or older


Full Moon Via Ferrata Climb

Must be 13 years of age or older and have prior experience on the Via Ferrata at NROCKS Outdoor Adventures


*taxes not included in pricing. *Pricing subject to change without notice

Information Packet and Waivers

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