We’ve got a lot of rock here at NROCKS, and only so much of it is included on our Via Ferrata!

Maybe you’ve been climbing at your local gym and are ready to start your journey into climbing on natural rock, or maybe you’ve conquered your fear of heights on the Via Ferrata and are looking for a new challenge. No matter the situation, look no further! NROCKS Outdoor Adventures offers a wide array of top rope programs to our guests, whether it’s a group of scouts or a group of friends, we have an option that will fit your needs!

The climber is protected from falling by having a rope attached to their harness that is also connected to an anchor system above them.
The climber is protected from falling by having a rope attached to their harness that is also connected to an anchor system above them.

Why choose NROCKS for your introduction to climbing?

We are unique in many ways. Foremost we own our rock. You will not be pressured by other groups vying for the same route. We are also extremely accessible. Some of our best top roping is only a short hike minutes from our welcome center. To top it off we offer a wide arrange of lodging options on site.

With a ratio of 1 instructor for every 6 participants, our certified instructors have plenty of time to teach the basics within a customized program to fit your needs. From individuals to scout groups we can design an educational program that is both safe and challenging and is based on your goals.


What is top rope climbing?

Top roping is a style of climbing where the climber is protected from falling by having a rope attached to their harness that is also connected to an anchor system above them and then “belayed” by someone standing on the ground. As the climber climbs, the person belaying minimizes the slack in the belay system so that a fall by a climber is very minimal. The climber usually climbs to their anchor system, and then gets lowered down to the ground. Top roping is one of the more popular styles in most gyms across the US. It is very beginner friendly, but is also enjoyed by climbers with years of experience.

What can I expect from a day on the rocks?

Our top rope instructors attempt to do two things; teach relevant rock climbing skills, and maximize rock climbing time. If you’re more interested in learning, or more interested in maximizing trips up and down the rock face, just let your instructor know, and they will cater to your needs.

Is top rope climbing safe?

While top rope climbing shares many dangers that are inherent in outdoor activities, when setup correctly the belay system used in top rope climbing minimizes the length of a fall. The belay system ensures that when a climber lets go of the rock face, they are suspended in the air until they can regain contact with the rock face or be lowered to the ground by their belayer. To minimize risk, all instructors at NROCKS Outdoor Adventures are trained with the highest regard to safety, and certified in CPR and first aid.

What makes top roping at NROCKS unique?

The top roping program at NROCKS is very unique because the climbing area is privately owned. At a publicly owned climbing area climbers have to worry about getting to the climbing area first so that no other group takes their spot. Also, climbers have to worry about another group disrupting their climbing. Not at NROCKS! At NROCKS we reserve a private climbing area for each group so that everyone will have space and privacy to climb. Another bonus when you climb at NROCKS is that you’ll never be far away from the climate controlled NROCKS Welcome Center which has a clean bathroom and snacks for purchase.

How many instructors will my group have?

All top rope programs at NROCKS will have at least 1 instructor per 6 participants. In special circumstances we may even have more than 1 instructor per 6 participants.

Can I come and set up a top rope climb without an instructor?

No. All top roping is required to be supervised by an NROCKS approved instructor!

How many people are actively climbing at one time?

Since each climber requires an individual belayer while top roping, only a few people are climbing at any one time. The people who aren’t climbing should be assisting the belayer or helping the climber figure out their next step up the rock!

How should I dress, and what should I bring to enjoy my day climbing?

You should dress for movement and according to the weather. The temperature tends to be about 10°F cooler in the mountains, and may be even cooler due to wind. You may wear shorts if conditions allow. Some people like to wear gloves when climbing (fingerless are preferred). For colder weather, we suggest a jacket, a hat to wear under your helmet, and full-fingered gloves.

Can I bring my own gear / Can I get a discount for bringing my own gear?

You can bring a GoPro or camera and NROCKS can provide a helmet with a GoPro mount on it, but unfortunately we cannot allow you to use your own helmet or harness. We appreciate and understand the desire and preference of using your own gear if you have it, but in order to comply with our insurance policy, we require everyone who comes to experience any of the activities offered at Nelson Rocks to use the gear that is supplied by staff.

What should I bring?

We suggest that you bring a small daypack with you. We recommend these items:

  • Water (at least 2 quarts).
  • A snack or lunch to eat throughout the day.
  • Personal medications (if they will be needed on the trip)
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Extra clothing (light rain jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve t-shirt, etc.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick

Top Rope Climbing is for beginners, isn’t it?

While top rope climbing is very beginner friendly, many experienced climbers find it more enjoyable, as it is much simpler than trad or sport climbing.

What if I want to sport or trad climb at NROCKS?

If you’re interested in sport or trad (traditional) climbing at NROCKS Outdoor Adventures, please visit Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides or Seneca Rocks Climbing School.

Policies & Specs

Activity Duration
Half Day (4 hours)
Difficulty Level
Top roping involves using both your legs and arms to push, and pull your way up a rock face so participants should be in good health and have the ability to exert high levels of energy.

Participants will be expected to be able to comfortable hike ½ mile to and from the activity location, and should be able to spend 4-7 hours outside in the elements.

What to Wear
Dress in layers so you can make adjustments as you warm up and cool down. In general wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict your movement. Short shorts are not recommended. Long hair must be tied back.
NROCKS will provide climbing shoes for the day.
Bring with You
Waivers, small daypack, water, trail snacks, sunscreen, camera (optional, must be secured), rain gear (if necessary).
Minimum Age
Climbers need to be at least 6 years of age.
Weight Requirement
No weight limit!
Group Size
We can accommodate groups of all sizes in our top rope climbing program. If you have a group larger than 12 people, please call (540) 437-9901 to schedule a climb!
Late Policy
Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled arrival time. If you are late, your climb will not be extended, but will end at the regularly scheduled time.
Half Day (4 hours)
$180 – for up to 3 people
$50 for each additional person


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Top Rope Climbing (Half Day)

Our half day program allows our qualified instructors to take you out, teach you the basics and introduce you to the wonderful world of rock climbing. $180/outing for 1-3 climbers. Additional climbers $50/climber*

Rock Climbing Participant Agreement

If filling out paperwork isn’t your idea of time well spent, download and complete a waiver today! Bring it to NROCKS with you so you can minimize your time checking in, and maximize your fun on an outdoor adventure!